CA&T Ultimate Hide-Away & Scratcher

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The CA&T Ultimate Hide-Away & Scratcher is a perfect first time, entry level cat tree for your furry friend and is ideal if space in your home is limited.  At just 90cm tall, the base is a square shaped covered condo perfect for hiding away and taking a nap after a busy playtime session! There are two scratch posts coming up from the base are fully covered with top quality natural 4mm sisal which is great for sharpening claws and saving your furniture. Two raised platforms rise from these scratch posts and the cat tree is completed with a tunnel hung from the underside of the mid platform; an excellent viewing point for your cat. Made from high quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic particle board covered in 400g faux fur soft plush in a beige colour material the CA&T Ultimate Hide-Away & Scratcher 90cm H x 30cm W x 30cm D when constructed.  Supplied with installation instructions and fixings.  Weight approximately 4.5 kgs.



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