CA&T Ultimate Floor To Ceiling Scratch Climber

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CA&T Ultimate Floor To Ceiling Scratch Climber is a three tier climbing and sratching tree.  A perfect playground for your cat! Great for scratching their claws instead of your furniture.  Covered in 350g beige colour faux fur material and high quality sisal, it has an adjustable height from 240cm to 288cm using the adjustable pole however it can be reduced further if desired to a minimum of 234cm by hand sawing the pole.  Easy to assemble, the CA&T Ultimate Floor to Ceiling Scratch Climber comes with 4 re-inforced deep baton MDF platforms for extra strength, 3 of which act as perches. There are three scratching poles covered in high quality 4mm natural sisal.  Installation instructions provided. 288cm H x 28cm W x 27cm D.


**WARNING**  This product is suitable for ceiling that are 240cm – 288cm and the product WILL NOT fit any ceilings that fall below or above this specification.  Please ensure that you measure your ceiling height before making a purchase.  It is very important that this cat tree is only used for the purpose of cats and has been designed specifically to be able to withstand the weight of cats.  Any animals that are heavier than a cat may damage the structure or injury could be caused to your pet.  This cat tree is not suitable for children to play with and we advise that small children should be supervised when near this product and discouraged from climbing on or around this product.  We advise that two persons should erect this product due to the weight and size.  If you pet suffers from any allergies, please clarify it’s use with your pet with a qualified Vet before allowing use. Please store all assembly instructions in a safe place.