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ZenDog Calming Compression Shirts apply a firm and maintained hold to certain pressure points on the dog's body, similar to swaddling a baby.  Like humans our 'fur babies' are no different! These are an excellent way of helping your dog through difficult and stressful situations without medical intervention. These shirts are totally drug-free and used in conjunction with the ZenPet Calming Spray will help calm or even combat the symptoms your dog is experiencing. Click on this link for very important information on Fitting Instructions

ZenDog Uses: Noise Anxiety e.g Fireworks, Thunderstorms & Aeroplanes.  Travel Anxiety or Car Sickness.
                        Seperation Anxiety.  Crate Anxiety.  Barking.  Lead Pulling.  General Nervousness.

About ZenDog: Activates Pressure Points.  Light, Breathable Material.  Four-way Stretch Fabric.  Custom Fit.

ZenDog Calming Compressions Shirts are now twice as effective with companion ZenPet Calming Spray.  An aromatherapy oil blend including lavender and chamomile.  A 1oz trial is now included within a purchase of a compression shirt.  Use the spray on its own or spritz onto the enclosed aromatherapy card and insert into the front pocket on the shirt located on the chest area. It can also be used in the dog's bedding.  Do not spray directly on to the dogs fur or skin.            

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