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Outward Hound interactive games challenge and stimulate dogs senses giving them mental exercise and reducing boredom. Teach them step-by-step problem solving skills in order to retrieve those pesky treats and offer an appropriate outlet for a dog's natural behaviours. Game play is an interactive, positive and fun experience for both you and your dog. Have fun with this myriad of fantastic interactive games.  Why not collect them all?! Watch video's of some the games in action to see how they work! Just click on a particular product to view.

Made from durable, food safe plastic. BPA, PVC & phthalate free. Dishwasher Safe.

Every dog's a winner with Outward Hound games! Bring out the genius with these treat seeking puzzles with 3 difficulty levels. Each game will indicate their own individual difficulty number shown below: Game On! Please click on this link to explain the diiferent levels of difficulty Interactive Games Difficulty Levels

                                                                 Paw Level     

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