Spelos Metro Mouse/Dwarf Hamster

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The Savic Spelos Metro cage for Mice and Dwarf Hamsters is an elegant and modern cage.  The high sided base, blue in colour, comes with an external tunnel system to the front of the base and when fitted it is held in place from the inside.  There are two side openings, one to each side, where tunnels can be added to these for an extra challenge (not supplied). The exercise wheel is fitted to the internal wall of the base and the drinking bottle is fitted to the outside feeding to the inside of the cage whilst the feeding bowl is free standing and can placed in a location of your choice.  The Spelos Metro cage is then completed with a plastic top with wire cross bars to the front and back for plenty of ventilation.  Add plenty of bedding in the base to make for a perfect safe haven for your pet. Using a handy click system the cage can be taken apart for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Size of cage: 42.5cm Wide x 24 cm Height x 38 cm Depth. Wire spacing 6.5mm.


Accessories included: 1 x Exercise Wheel, 1 x Water Bottle, 1 x Feeding Bowl, 3 x Tubes.