SmartCat Multi Level Cat Climber

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The SmartCat Multi Level Cat Climber is designed to hang on any standard door in your home. A perfect choice for a smaller home with limited space or just as another option to keep your cats busy and entertained. Easily installed, the climber can be moved from door to door in your home as the attachment is spring loaded so if your cat starts to climb in another room, just move the climber! The upright central plate, made from MDF, is covered in top quality natural sisal which is perfect for keeping your cats claws sharpened and healthy plus saving your furniture and the four platforms are covered in soft yet durable material. Please sizing and notes below.


Overall Dimensions: W66cm x D20.2cm x H186cm
Height Adjusts to 204cm
Fits Door Width: 51.5cm
Fits Door Depth: 4.5cm – please note that this bracket is not adjustable, therefore if your door is less than 4.5cm thick you may notice some movement/noise when the climber is in use.
Top Bracket: 5.3cm
Bottom Bracket: 4.5cm
Platforms: Approx. W43cm x D18cm
Load Capacity: 13kg