Rody Hamster 3 Colours

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The Savic Rody Hamster cage is of a classic design providing a complete housing solution for your pet when starting out.  The sturdy deep plastic base provides space for those all important pieces of ‘must have’ furniture along with room for resting and playtime. A platform to one end is supplied which when fitted, houses a hideaway area and is where the the feeding bowl, water bottle and exercise wheel are fitted.  A ladder is also supplied which is attached to the platform.  The clear plastic top to the cage has fasteners to either side and there is easy access to the inside once complete with the base by way of a wire mesh panel to the top which also provides plenty of ventilation.


Available in Blue, Grey or Pink colours.


Size of cage: 55cm Wide x 26cm Height x 39cm Depth. Wire spacing 9.5mm.


Accessories included: 1 x Platform with Ladder, 1 x Water Bottle, 1 x Feeding Dish, 1 x Exercise Wheel.



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