Puppy Trainer Training Pads Medium 15pcs

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The Puppy Trainer training pads are a clean and easy way to get your puppy toilet trained. They provide also an elimination are for indoor confined and ill grown dogs. And can also be used in dog crates and carriers. The pads have a built-in pheromone attractant, which accelerates training time and encourages the use of the pads. We claim that our pads have a quick absorption, they are dry after 30 seconds. Therefore the paws of the puppy stay clean and dry. This means no paw prints on the floor. The silica gel in the pad enables quick absorption of the moisture and it neutralises the bad urine smells. It does better than any other pad available on the market. The pads, with its 6 layers composition, are made of high-quality materials. They stay intact thanks to the non-woven fabric, even when it is saturated and don’t leak onto the floor thanks to the use of polyethylene backing.

Dimensions: ‎45 x 30 cm

Pack Size: 15pcs

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