ProCone Recovery Cone MED

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ProCone is a premium, soft and flexible, comfortable recovery collar designed to protect your dog or cat from reaching injuries, rashes or post surgery wounds and provides the solution to an age old problem of how to maximise your pets comfort during this time.


ProCone is made from easy-care soft canvas and opens fully so it can be wrapped around the neck thus eliminating the need to put the head through the collar and is securely fastened by looping the Velcro strap through the steel rings or you can use your pet’s everyday collar if you prefer. ProCone also incorporates reinforced seams for added strength and protection as well as a stainless ring to attach a lead plus is reflective if worn for a night time walk.


When its time for food or drink, the ProCone can easily be folded back to gain access.  This fantastic, innovative product can be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and laid flat to dry or store and is machine washable.


Buying the correct size of ProCone is very important in order to allow your pet the best protection whilst healing so it must extend past the nose otherwise your pet may still be able to access certain areas of the body.  We recommend measuring from collar to nose around the side of the face rather than over the head. The neck must be measured to ensure a snug fit and always size up if your pet sits right between two sizes.


Sizing Chart:


Small 8-12″ (20.3-30.5cm) Depth 6″ (10cm)
Medium 12-15″ (30.5-38.1cm) Depth 8″ (22cm)
Large 15-18″ (38.1-45.7cm) Depth 10″ (26cm)
XLarge 18-23″ (45.7-58.4cm) Depth 13″ (32cm)


Neck: 12 to 15 inches / 30 to 38 cm