Pioneer Pet Tiger Diner Plastic Food Dish

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The Pioneer Pet Tiger Plastic Food Dish doubles a slow feeder and an interactive game for cats.  Cats generally have a tendency to over eat and so with this great innovative food dish it helps to address this. The dried food portion is dropped in through the easy loading funnel in the top centre of the dish and then your cat has to use their paws to retrieve each morsels of food piece by piece thus having to work for their food which in turn will reduce the amount of food eaten. Also this helps with food digestion where by it slows your cat down whilst eating.  The Tiger Diner bowl will also then become interactive making it fun at meal times too! Rubber feet on the bottom of the dish stops any movement while in use. Made from BPA Free plastic, it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  Dimensions: 3″H x 8.25″W x 8.25″D. Weight 0.8 pounds.