Pioneer Pet Plastic Raindrop Water Fountain

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The Pioneer Pet Plastic Raindrop Water Fountain is perfect for Cats or Dogs helping to keep them hydrated. It’s unique and elegant retro design has a water slide at the top thats helps to prevent water splashing and gives a moving water area for your pet to drink from as well as the main bowl of the fountain where water also moves.  Animals are naturally attracted to moving water.  A quiet pump ensures constant circulation and oxygenation of the water. The Pioneer Pet Plastic Raindrop Fountain also has a replaceable charcoal filter which helps to keep the water clean and pure from any debris or pet hair. Included is a 6ft (1.82m) long power cord with standard UK three pin plug for 240c mains supply. Made from BPA Free plastic. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 11″W x 9″ Dia x 4″H. Capacity: 60oz or 1.77 litres. Replacement filter is Pioneer Pet Charcoal Filter A which can be found here Pioneer Pet Charcoal Filter A Replacement Filter for Plastic Water Fountains (not Swan Fountain).


For optimal performance, clean the fountain once a week, change the filter every two to four weeks and disassemble/clean the pump once a month.