Pioneer Pet Big Max S/Steel Water Fountain

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The Pioneer Pet Big Max Water Fountain is great for larger sized pets helping to keep them hydrated.  Superbly designed, there is a spacious main bowl area to drink from where the water flows to freely from the fountain above which via the quiet pump housed beneath, circulates and oxygenates the water throughout. The Pioneer Pet Big Max Water Fountain is supplied with a replaceable charcoal filter which helps to keep the water clean and pure from any debris or pet hair. Included is a 1.6m long power cord with a standard UK three pin plug for 240c mains supply. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 34.29 x 30.48 x 11.43 cm. Weight 1.09 Kgs. Capacity: 128oz or 3.78 litres. Replacement filter is Pioneer Pet L Shape Filter which can be found here Pioneer Pet L Shape Replacement Filter for Stainless Steel & Ceramic Water Fountains


For optimal performance, clean the fountain once a week, change the filter every two to four weeks and disassemble/clean the pump once a month.