Nina Ottosson Dog Casino

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Nina Ottosson Dog Casino – Viva Las Vegas! LEVEL 3 Advanced


Playtime Challenge – Challenging gaming for learning and playtime, the Nina Ottosson Dog Casino can be filled with treats to exercise your dog’s mind and strengthen the bond between you and your dog through interactive play.


Construction – No removable parts are incorporated in this game.


How to Play – With the bones in an unlocked position, open the drawers and drop in some tasty treats.  Close the drawers and lock the bones. Let the fun begin! Place the Dog Casino game on the floor and encourage your dog to seek and retrieve the treats.  Always supervise play and do not allow your dog to chew the game.  Remove if it becomes worn. Put away until next time.


Easy to Clean – To wash your Nina Ottosson Dog Casino simply remove all treats and residue.  Proceed to wash with warm soapy water, rinse clean and dry.



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