Hamster Sky Metro

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The Hamster Sky Metro is a colourful playground paradise for you Hamster.  The large base, made from plastic, is great for running around and making dens under the raised platform which is a perfect place for the house to sit on. A ladder is also provided for access to the platform. This great cage comes with an extensive tunnel system which will keep your furry friend busy for hours! A Sputnik (hanging house) is suspended from the bars in the ceiling of the cage encouraging a Hamster’s natural instinct to climb. An exercise wheel is also provided which is fitted to the back wire wall of the cage. The Hamster Sky Metro features a door at the front and also upper door in the top to enable access to inside the cage for feeding, cleaning etc. Handles to either side are provided in the event of moving or lifting the cage.


Size of cage: 50cm Height x 50cm Width x 80 cm Length. Wire spacing 9.5mm.


Accessories included: 1 x Raised Platform, 1 x Ladder, 1 x Sputnik, 1 x House, 1 x Exercise Wheel, 1 x Tunnel, 1 x Water Bottle, 1 x Feeding Bowl.