Hamster Plaza KD

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The Savic Hamster Plaza KD is a sturdy and spacious cage for your small animal. The large floor base is perfect for running around and exercising with the included wheel which is attachable to the bars of the cage.  A raised platform fits to one corner of the cage where the Igloo sleeping quarters can be situated along with the feeding bowl.  This is accessed when the ladder is fitted the platform. Water is dispensed from the bottle which needs to be fitted to the cage in an appropriate position to suit. To the front of the cage is an easy access door which creates a wide space to enter the cage for cleaning.  The whole cage is supplied flat packed (collapsible) and can be easily dismantled and stored away.


Size of cage: 100cm Wide x 50cm High x 50cm Depth. Wire spacing 9.5mm.


Accessories included: 1 x Platform, 1 x Igloo House, 1 x Ladder, 1 x Water Bottle, 1 x Feeding Bowl, 1 x Exercise Wheel.