Hamster Heaven Metro

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Hamster Heaven Metro is every Hamster’s dream home! This cage has everything that a Hamster could wish for and more.  The large base floor is spacious and is perfect for running around and tunnelling with room for a free standing running wheel (included). Also included is a toilet which can placed in a quiet corner of the cage floor. Just above the base floor are two raised platforms and two houses.  An exterior tunnel, ventilated with plenty of holes, provides extra fun. The Hamster Heaven Metro is then completed with its very own penthouse suite on the top of the cage, perfect for seeing what it happening all around. How luxurious!  To the front of the cage is a large door for easy access inside and two handles either side makes moving the cage around easy.  Two feeding bowls and a water bottle are also included.


Size of cage: 80cm Wide x 50cm High x 50cm Depth. Base Depth 17cm. Wire spacing 9.5mm.


Accessories included: 2 x Platforms, 2 x Houses, 1 x Ladder, 1 x Tobogan, 1 x Water Bottle, 2 x Feeding Bowls,  1 x Hamster Penthouse, 1 x Tunnel Kit, 1 x Toilet with Shovel and Sand, 1 x Exercise Wheel.