CA&T Ultimate Luxury Mega Climber & Scratcher

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The CA&T Ultimate Luxury Mega Climber & Scratcher is a giant at 200cm in height making it the tallest in CA&T cat furniture range and perfect for a multi-cat family.  This monster is multi-level, has four raised platforms, two hammock beds, one small and one large covered condo sleep pods and three perches, one backed for extra support. Completing the CA&T Ultimate Luxury Mega Climber and Scratcher is a chunky rope which hangs down from the underside of the mid-way platform to the right playfully tantalising your kitty cat! Made from high quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic particle board covered in 400g faux fur soft plush in a beige colour material, the upright posts are partially covered with top quality 4mm natural sisal which is great for sharpening those claws!  Durable and sturdy, when constructed the CA&T Ultimate Luxury Mega Climber & Scratcher is 200cm H x 58cm W x 58cm D in size. Supplied with installation instructions and fixings.  Weight approximately 19 kgs.