DO&G Precious Leads

The DO&G Precious Leads are absolutely stunning! Hand made to a high quality finish, these uber high fashion dog leads are a ‘must have’ for your smart and stylish pooches wardrobe. They don’t just look good, they feel good too! Made from leather, the innder padding is of sheep skin which makes this high quality lead feel so soft to touch but also durable and hard wearing. The DO&G Precious Lead comes in three colourways, Brown with an outer edge lining of Gold colour, Black with an outer edge lining in Silver colour or Blue with an outer edge colour of Red. A D-Ring is fitted just below the handle to attach any accessories you may to take with you on your walk. These fabulous leads are finished off with matching Gold or Silver high quality metal work and DO&G branding tags. Collars to match can be found here Precious Metals or Precious Stones  

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