Cycle Dog Eco Toys

Within the Ecolast Rubber Dog Toys range there are the fun 3-Play toys which all have a ToughSqueak Internal Squeaker and a Belly Busting Treat Hider!  And then there is the Springy Snake which is so cool! The Retreads High Roller and Tyre Flyer Rubber Toys are highly durable and are made from post-consumer recycled materials also.  The High Roller balls have a unique shape and are designed to create an erratic bounce! Plus they are also feature a ToughSqueak Internal Squeaker. All of the Cycle Dog’s Ecolast and Retreads eco friendly toys also float to add extra fun for your dog! Made from Post Consumer Recycled Materials. The ever so cool Fuzzies! toys are made from beautifully coloured Duraplush material with Ecofil (recycled plastic bottles) using Stitchguard.  These Dog toy are so soft on doggie teeth and gums.  The Fuzzies! eco-friendly Dog toys are tough enough though for extended play sessions!                          

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