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Winter Walks

At this time of year, we start to think about getting fit and summer ready. Having a dog means that we have more chance of keeping to regular exercise because once they get into a routine, they do not let you forget it!


Even if you cannot go far, regular walks around the block will get you both stretching your muscles and heart rate. Your pooch will love to be out among the scents, sights, and sounds of the outdoors.  Stimulate your senses! Just a few strolls a day can be beneficial to you both.

Make sure your dog’s lead and collar in good shape.


A hike will make you and your dog use different muscles and increasing the heart rate. Getting into the great outdoors will stimulate both you and your pooch.

Make sure you carry fresh water and snacks for you both.


If the weather is inclement, try indoor exercise through play. Interaction between you and your pet will increase the bond between you. 

Make sure the toys you use are appropriate for your dog.

Have a little fun!