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Top 5 dog breeds

Who can really say which are the best 5 dogs?  We all love our pooches, be they pedigree or ‘Heinz 57’ and we all think our particular dog is best. So….. we have compiled a list of the 5 most popular breeds at the moment.  What do you think?


Labrador Retriever

Always at the top of the list are the Labradors! This breed was originally bred as a gun dog but more and more they are now highly valued as loyal, loving and friendly family pets.  They are fantastic with children of all ages.  Being highly intelligent, these dogs are relatively easy to train so it’s no wonder that they are the perfect dog for the disabled.  This breed ticks all the boxes!

Jack Russel Terrier

These feisty little dogs are amazingly loyal and make good companions.  They love to be part of the family ‘pack’! They were originally bred for fox hunting and love nothing better than shoving their heads into holes!  They are intelligent but need to be well trained as they like to be boss!  A JRT puppy is one of the cutest little pups!

English Springer Spaniel

These dogs are affectionate, fun loving and incredibly good natured, the Springer Spaniel loves to play, chase and run, and is the perfect companion for energetic children – Springers can play all day! Watch out for their ears though, they get them into everything including their dinner.

German Shepherd (or Alsatian)

They are a large dog and are valued for their fearlessness, loyalty and intelligence, and can often be found in working roles alongside of the police or military. Although their popularity waned as they were thought to be aggressive, they are now making a comeback.  They make a beautiful family pet.

Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is a small rough-coated terrier originating in the Scottish borders.  They are comical, fun loving and lively little dogs that tend to be hardy and full of vim and vigour! The Border Terrier generally gets on well with children but may not be too keen on cats and smaller pets!