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Tips to keep your indoor cat fit and active

  1. Try to schedule playtime around the times of the day when your kitty seems most active.
  2. Older cats will be happy with 2-3 play sessions whereas kittens will benefit from more.
  3. Keep play sessions short.  Your kitty will be happy to play for about 15 minutes each session.
  4. Learn to recognise when your cat is not wanting to play. A bored cat will just walk away or ignore it’s toys. Some may lash out in frustration.
  5. Make use of toys but always make sure they are suitable for your cat.
  6. Encourage them to jump and climb by providing vertical places such as cat towers of clutter free window ledges.
  7. Remember to watch for signs of over exertion in older cats. If they start to pant or breath heavily it may be time to stop play.