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Tips on introducing a rescue dog into your home.

One of the nicest ways to introduce a new dog into your home is to pop along to your nearest Dog rehoming centre. By choosing a rescue dog you are giving them a fresh start and a new home, and in return, you will be given unconditional love.

  1. Make sure you give your new pet plenty of attention.  They can be nervous coming into a new home and will look to you for reassurance.
  2. Chose a dog that will fit in with your family. If you have children, choose a dog that will be comfortable with them. Talk to your children before your new dog comes home so that they know how to behave around him. An over excited child that just wants to hug and pet may frighten a new dog.

If you already have a pet, introduce them on neutral territory to see how they react to each other.

  • Make sure your home is ready for your new arrival before you bring them home. Have a bed or cage set up for them that is in a quiet corner of your home. If you use a cage, pop an old towel over the top. This will help your dog to feel more secure and safe.
  • Ask the rehoming centre about the food your dog needs to eat. Some rescue dogs may have special dietary needs.
  • One of they best ways to find dog friendly walking paths is to ask other dog owners in your area. By planning ahead, you will have a stress-free walk.
  • Make sure your pet wears a collar that fits correctly and has a name tag with your contact details and a good strong lead or harness.

Most of all enjoy the newest member of your family!