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Springtime check list

Its springtime, your garden starts to grow and your pet is spending more time playing outside.  Here are a few points to keep in mind to keep your pet happy and healthy.

  1.  You may use pellets to deter slugs and snails and weedkilling products but some of these can be harmful to cats and dogs. Even eating a small amount can cause them to become seriously ill. Always check the labels of any chemicals you use in the garden.
  • More time outside means more chance of ticks.  Check your pets regularly, even between the toes and along the gums.  These pesky critters can really hide away!
  • Allergies can affect your pet too!  If you think your pet is scratching more than usual it may be worthwhile getting it checked out at the vets
  • Some flower bulbs can be toxic for your pets so make sure you do not leave them where they can be chewed.

Make your garden a happy and safe place for everyone in the family!