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Pet-proofing your home is an essential aspect of being a responsible pet owner. Whether you’ve just adopted a new furry friend or are looking to make your home safer for your existing pet, a thorough room-by-room assessment can help you create a secure and comfortable environment for your animal companion. In this blog, we will provide a comprehensive guide to pet-proofing your home, including recommendations for products such as the K9 Pursuits Pup Pocket and the K9 Pursuits Floating Vest XL.

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Living Room

The living room is often the heart of the home and a place where pets love to lounge and play. To pet-proof this space, ensure that all cords and wires are securely tucked away or enclosed in a cable protector. Keep breakable items out of your pet’s reach and consider investing in furniture covers to protect your couches and chairs from scratches or pet hair.

For added safety, invest in the K9 Pursuits Pup Pocket. Fitted with an internal adjustable strap with a carabiner clip to secure your dog from jumping out, it also features a draw string around the top of the carrying space which can also be secured using a toggle for the safety of your dog when your out of the house.

K9 Pursuits Pup Pocket


Kitchens pose various risks for pets, from toxic foods to hazardous cleaning products. Start by securing your rubbish bin with a pet-proof lid or by storing it in a closed pull out drawer. Keep all food items, including items that are toxic to pets like chocolate and grapes, out of reach locked away. Additionally, cleaning supplies, medications, and other potential hazards in secure, high cabinets.

Health and Wellbeing


The bathroom can be another danger zone for pets. Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent your pet from drinking the water or falling in, and secure all medications, razors, and cleaning supplies in locked cabinets. Also, be mindful of any small items, like hair ties or floss, that could pose a choking hazard. Consider adding non-slip mats or rugs to reduce the risk of your pet slipping on wet surfaces.


In the bedroom, secure all cords and wires and store any breakable items out of reach. Be cautious of items like shoes, jewelery, or small personal belongings that can be tempting for pets to chew on or swallow. Consider investing in a pet bed, like the K9 Pursuits Pup Pocket, to provide your pet with a comfortable and safe sleeping spot.

Outdoor Spaces

If you have a yard or outdoor space, pet-proofing is crucial to ensure your pet’s safety. Start by checking your fencing for any gaps or weak spots that your pet could potentially escape through. Remove any toxic plants or substances, and secure all trash cans and storage sheds.

For water safety, consider investing in the K9 Pursuits Floating Vest XL. This life vest is designed to keep your pet safe and afloat while swimming, providing peace of mind when they’re near water.


Garages can be home to numerous hazards, from chemicals to sharp tools. Keep these areas off-limits to your pets by installing pet gates or keeping the doors closed. If you must store chemicals, tools, or other hazardous items in these spaces, ensure they are securely stored and out of your pet’s reach

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At PJ Pet Products, we understand the importance of providing quality, reliable, and innovative pet care solutions to meet the diverse needs of your furry family members. Our extensive range of carefully curated products ensures that you can find everything you need to keep your pets happy, healthy, and safe under one roof. From the K9 Pursuits Pup Pocket for your canine companion to the K9 Pursuits Floating Vest XL for those adventurous water-loving dogs, our selection caters to pets of all sizes and breeds.

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