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Welcome to the PJ Pet Products blog! In this post, we delve into the world of cat care, focusing on the distinct needs of indoor and outdoor cats. As UK’s leading provider of pet products, we understand that whether your cat prowls the garden or lounges on the sofa, they need the right products for their lifestyle. This comprehensive guide covers everything from scratching posts to beds, collars to play structures, ensuring your feline friends are well-cared for in every environment.

Scratch Products

Scratching Posts

Cats have a natural urge to scratch for various reasons, including claw maintenance, stretching, and marking territory. Without proper scratching posts, indoor cats may turn to furniture or carpets.

  • CA&T Ultimate Scratch Post: Designed for durability and stability, this post allows cats to ful fill their scratching needs while stretching and exercising muscles. Its height encourages full-body stretching, a crucial aspect often overlooked in indoor cat care.
  • CA&T Floor to Ceiling Scratch Tree: For cats that crave climbing and exploration, this tree provides a vertical space for exercise and play. It’s an innovative solution for indoor environments with limited horizontal space, offering multiple scratching surfaces and platforms.

Resting Areas

Providing comfortable resting areas is vital for indoor cats, who spend a significant amount of time sleeping or lounging.


The CA&T Ultimate Cat Condo & Scratcher is mid-sized making it perfect for a multi-cat family with limited space.  There are two multi-level covered condo caves with one having access via a fixed scratch board doubling as a stairway plus a cosy top perch with super soft padded sides.  Completing the CA&T Cat Condo & Scratcher is a fluffy fur pom pom to ping and play with which is attached to the underside of the top perch.

Safe Collars

A good collar for an outdoor cat needs to be durable, comfortable, and equipped with safety features.

  • PJ Pet Products Collars: Our collars are made with weather-resistant materials to withstand outdoor elements. Features like reflective strips and quick-release buckles provide additional safety for outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Play

Play structures for outdoor cats should encourage natural behaviours while keeping them safe.

  • Smart Cat Multi Level Climber: This climber is designed for the outdoors, with multiple levels for climbing, scratching, and lounging. It provides a secure and stimulating environment for cats to express their natural instincts.

Suitable for Both

Versatile Scratching Posts

Some products can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, offering flexibility for owners. These posts combine durability with aesthetic appeal, making them suitable for any setting. They offer a reliable scratching surface for cats, regardless of their preferred environment.

Toys for Mental and Physical Stimulation

Toys are essential for keeping cats engaged, whether they live indoors or outdoors.

  • PJ Pet Products Toy Range: Our range includes a variety of toys designed to cater to different feline play styles. From interactive toys that stimulate mental activity to physical play toys, we ensure that every cat has the opportunity to stay active and entertained.