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Ensuring Your Pet's Comfort

As we enjoy the full swing of summer here in the UK, it’s high time we contemplate our furry friends’ wellbeing. Summer days signal outdoor adventures, but for our pets, it could mean braving the soaring temperatures. Thus, ensuring their comfort and safety becomes paramount. PJ Pet Products, a renowned UK company, offers a range of solutions like dog cooling vests, pet feeders, dog water fountains, and Pawise cooling mats that can help keep your pets cool and content this summer.

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Dog Cooling Vests

Dog cooling vests, as their name suggests, are designed to keep your pet cool during the sweltering summer months. These innovative products work by absorbing and storing water, then slowly releasing it via evaporation to cool your pet down. It’s similar to how our bodies sweat to cool us down. PJ Pet Products’ range of cooling vests, specifically designed for dogs, uses a lightweight, eco-friendly material known as Ecolife. This ensures the utmost comfort and efficiency, without any adverse effect on the environment. The dog cooling vest, with its ingenious Ecolife technology, keeps your pet comfortable and safe even during the peak of summer.

Dog Cooling Vests

Dog Water Fountains

Hydration is vital for pets, especially during the summer. However, ensuring your pets have access to clean, fresh water when outdoors can be a challenge. That’s where PJ Pet Products’ dog water fountains come in. These devices provide a constant flow of clean, fresh water for your pets, encouraging them to drink more. They feature a free-falling stream that not only entices pets to drink but also aerates the water for added freshness. Ensuring your pet stays well-hydrated with a dog water fountain is one of the best ways to keep them safe and healthy during outdoor summer adventures.

Pet Water Fountain

Pawise Cooling Mat: A Cool Spot for Your Pet

One of PJ Pet Products’ standout offerings is the Pawise cooling mat. This innovative product provides a cool spot for your pet to relax, significantly helping them manage the summer heat. The mat works without electricity or refrigeration. It contains a special gel that activates upon pressure and starts cooling down immediately. The Pawise cooling mat is portable, durable, and perfect for outdoor use, making it an essential part of your pet’s summer kit.


Summer is a fantastic time to enjoy outdoor activities, but it’s also a season that requires extra attention to our pets’ needs. With PJ Pet Products’ range of innovative solutions, ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety has never been easier. From the eco-friendly Ecolife dog cooling vest to the reliable pet feeder, the refreshing dog water fountains, and the soothing Pawise cooling mat, you’re sure to find the perfect summer companion for your beloved pet.

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So, get ready to embrace the summer with your furry friend by your side, while PJ Pet Products takes care of their comfort and safety. Their wellbeing is our priority because we understand that a happy pet makes a happy owner. Enjoy your outdoor adventures this summer with peace of mind, knowing your pet is safe, comfortable, and well-taken care of. PJ Pet Products – delivering comfort and safety for your pets, all summer long.

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