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Having an indoor cat

Many people have cats that always live indoors, especially if they live near busy roads. If the cat has a disability or medical problem, living indoors may be a better option for them and may make them feel more comfortable.

As they do not have the ‘great outdoors’ to explore they may need more stimulation and attention.

Here are just a few tips to keep them happy and healthy.

  1. Indoor cats need ample room to explore and play. Make sure they are free to roam as much as possible in their new home and not locked into one room.
  2. Your indoor cat will require access to a litter tray. Clean it regularly as they can be reluctant to use a dirty toilet.  Make sure it is in a quiet place in the house.
  3. Provide scratching posts.  This will help them keep their claws in good order, strengthen their muscles and deter them from attacking your furniture.
  4. Cats love their own resting places so a box or cat bed where they feel safe is important. Try a couple, one at floor level and one higher up. You will soon find out where your cat feels most at home.
  5. Play time! Toys and interaction will stop your cat feeling bored and frustrated.
  6. Always have fresh water for your cat to drink.  They can be extremely fussy when it comes to water that has been sitting in a bowl for long periods of time.

As with any pet, take advice from your local vet or rehoming centre.  Like us, they are all individuals with their own particular quirks!