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Games to play with your dog this Christmas.

We all love to play games at Christmas so how about letting your pal join in the fun? Help your dog be happy, entertained and part of the family celebrations.

Hide treats about the house

Get one of your dog’s favourite treats and hide it somewhere!  Make sure it is in a place that the dog can easily reach

Tug of war

Playing tug with your pet will help you both keep active, stimulated and happy!

Chase the ball

Chasing the ball is usually an outside game but a ball rolled along a corridor can still be as much fun!

Hide treats in a dispenser or puzzle

If you need to keep your pal entertained while you get on with the cooking why not get them a treat dispenser or puzzle game?

Agility Course

This one can be fun for all the family! You can either buy a kit or invent your own!

Make this Christmas a special time for all the family!