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Coping with Firework Season

Autumn can be the start of fireworks season, which can cause stress for some pets.

Here are just a few tips to help them get through the night.


  1. If possible, walk your dog as early as possible. Taking your pet out in the darkness when the fireworks are starting can be scary for your dog
  2. Keep your cat indoors for the night.  Make sure that you close all the windows and doors.
  3. Create a safe space in the house with their favourite toys, treats and water. If your dog uses a crate cover it with towels or blankets.  This will create a safe familiar haven and help muffle the noise of the fireworks
  4. Turn on the TV or radio to help drown out outside noises. A familiar program or soothing music will help calm your pet.
  5. Stay at home with your pet. Keep them close to you and pet them.