Fleas at home

Fleas are more common in the summer months, but did you know your home can provide the perfect breeding ground as the weather gets cooler?

We turn up our heating as the months get cooler and this can provide the perfect temperature for fleas. A house heated between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius can cause dormant flea pupae (cocoon type stage) to hatch into adults and create an ideal breeding ground.

It’s important to treat your pet for fleas regularly all year round. Even if there are no signs of fleas in your home, your pet may have a chance to catch them. Ask you local vet to recommend a treatment that will protect your pets from fleas, but make sure you also treat your home with a household flea spray (follow the instructions carefully).

The flea pupae like dark and warm spots so make sure you treat all floors, under sofas and beds and even spray a small amount in your hoover!