Top tips on caring for an elderly cat


Even if your cat usually goes to the toilet outdoors they will have times where they get ‘caught short’. Always make sure you have a litter tray in the house that they can reach easily. Place it in a quiet area where they will feel safe.


Your cat may not want to play like it did when younger but do try to have times in the day when you and your cat have gentle play moments.  This interaction will produce useful stimulation.


Cats love routine, especially older cats. Feed them at the same time every day.  Avoid moving furniture so their home remains familiar to them.

Scratching Posts

Many older cats have difficulty scratching a vertical pole so try a horizontal scratching pad. Make sure you check their claws regularly.


An elderly cat may have trouble grooming. Help them with a gentle brushing routine.


Cats love a comfy bed and have certain areas they love to sleep. Make sure they can reach these places easily.