Buying the right sized collar for your dog

The first step is to measure around your dog’s neck, you will get a more accurate reading with a cloth tape measure.

When you have the measurement, add two inches.  With a very small dog just add one inch, with a very large dog add three inches.

If the dog can slip its head out of the collar it is no use, too tight and it can harm your pet. You should be able to slip two fingers under the collar. If the dog is very small 1 finger, very large dog 3 fingers.

You also must consider width. The standard width is 1.5 inches, but small breeds should have a thinner collar. A very large dog can go wider. Remember, the wider the collar the more weight is on your dog’s neck.

Puppies grow very quickly so keep checking that the collar is the correct fit for your dog.

Always check the collar once a week to make sure your pet is happy and that there is no wear and tear on the collar.

Make sure you wash your dog’s collar when dirty.

If you are ever unsure about your pet’s collar just ask advice from your local vet or pet shop.