Simple Steps to Keep Your Pets Heart Healthy


The key to a healthy dog is a healthy diet. The enemy of a healthy heart is obesity.  Keep your dog on a balanced, nutritious diet and keep treats to a minimum


Even if your dog is not overweight, that doesn’t mean he is ‘fit’. Give your pet regular work outs!

From walking, hiking, running, agility, swimming, flyball – whatever gets your pup’s heart pumping will keep him fit.

Regular vet check ups

Your pet ages from between 4 to 8 years for every 1 of oursso regular check ups are a must, especially with older dogs.

Dental care

Check your pets teeth regularly.  At the first sign of trouble, consult your vet.

Know your breed

Some breeds have genetic predispositions for heart conditions. It’s important to know what to watch for in your pet.