Oral hygiene is not just important for humans.

Tooth problems in our pets is caused by an inflammation of an animal’s teeth and gums. It’s a common condition, affecting over 80% of dogs and 70% of cats.

Food particles and bacteria can create plaque.  This can lead to gum disease. Bad breath and red gums are a sign that your pet may have a gum problem.

If left untreated, bacteria from the affected gum can enter the blood stream and may damage kidneys, liver and heart.

You can help prevent your pet developing problems.

Make sure you check their gums at least once a month

Dental chews will help prevent the build up of plaque on the teeth.

Good, safe chew toys will help strengthen teeth and gums.

Dry food will keep teeth healthy and strong

Brush your pets teeth.  Only use toothpaste that is formulated for pets. Human toothpaste has fluoride which can be toxic to cats and dogs.


Keep your pets healthy and strong!