Tips for avoiding ticks for you and your pet

Ticks aren’t just pests that feast on your dogs and cause them to itch, they can also carry serious diseases. UK ticks can carry a nasty condition called Lyme disease caused by serious bacteria, which affects both muscle and nerve cells.

  1. When you are walking your dog in longer foliage, wear long trousers. Shorts are an easy target for ticks!
  2. Insect repellent can be sprayed onto clothing.
  3. Carry a tick removal tool and antiseptic wipes.
  4. Walk in the centre of paths and avoid over-hanging vegetation at the edge of paths where ticks may be waiting.
  5. To help keep ticks away from your garden keep piles of leaves to a minimum, grass short, Cut back overhanging bushes. It is a good idea to keep seating and play areas away from borders, trees and bird feeders.
  6. Treat pet accessories with repellents too.
  7. Groom pets thoroughly. Make sure you brush against, as well as with, the hair growth to see any hidden ticks. Check inside the ears, around the eyes, on the chin and around the muzzle, as well as between pads and toes.
  8. Don’t bring ticks home! Take your walking clothes off before going indoors. Tests have shown that ticks can survive a full cycle in the washing machine and short periods in a dryer.