What not to feed your dog this festive season!

It can be tempting to share your food with your dog at Christmas, but what we consider to be treats can be extremely dangerous

  1. Grapes and raisinsMake sure the Christmas cake, mince pies and pudding are well out of reach!
  1. Chocolate coinsWe all know chocolate is bad for our pets but how many of you have chocolate coins on the tree or just lying about?
  1. BonesOnce cooked, bones can become brittle and splinter.  Make sure the turkey carcass is put right into your wheelie bin!
  1. NutsWe all have bowls of nuts around a Christmas.  Just make sure they are well out of the reach of your dog. Many Christmas treats contain nuts too so, if in doubt, don’t feed it to your dog.
  2. AlcoholThere will be lots of tasty dregs standing around at Christmas. Don’t leave them at pet height! A drunken dog is NOT a happy dog!

Most of all…..enjoy your Christmas holiday!

Love from all at PJ Pet Products! xx