How to recognise different aid dogs

Medical detection dogs wear red.  They can detect when a diabetics blood sugar is low.

Assistance dogs wear purple.  They assist people with disabilities with everyday tasks such as unloading the washing machine, opening and closing doors and shopping.

Support dogs wear blue and are trained to alert their owners to signs that they may become unwell. Some dogs can sense an epileptic seizure up to 50 minutes before it occurs.

Guide dogs wear fluorescent strips around their white harness and safely guide their visually impaired owner across roads and alert them to any obstacles in their path.

Buddy dogs wear blue. They are guide dogs that have not qualified to work as mobility assistance dogs. They improve the lives of visually impaired children by contributing to physical and sensory development.

Autism dogs wear blue and sometimes red.  They are trained by Dogs for the Disabled.  They help autistic children feel calm and will lie with their heads on an autistic child’s knee to provide comfort.