Don’t get into bad habits!

Do not Feed Your Pet From the Table

This will only encourage your pet to beg while you are eating.  From the start make sure your pet knows the boundaries.

Do not use the Wrong Collar or the Wrong Size Collar

Too tight and this can rub at your pet causing pain and fur loss.  This, in turn, can lead to infections. Too loose and your dog can slip out of the collar while on the lead.

At PJ we have many collars to suit your dog.  Make sure you have the right weight and strength for your dog.

Take Care of Your Pet’s Teeth.

Check your pets teeth every week. Also take note of the gums.  Are they red and inflamed, are there any cuts?

Dogs love to chew and this helps keep their teeth healthy and strong.  We have a range that will keep your dogs happy and healthy!

Do not leave food out all the time

We make sure our pets know that certain areas are out of bounds yet leave temptation in their way.

Dogs are instinctive…. as are cats.  They smell food and they go after it.  Many foods that are fine for us are dangerous to pets!

Don’t let your pet me a couch potato

Regular exercise is vital for a healthy pet. Both you and your pet will benefit from regular walks and keep you both fit. Check out our range of outdoor products!

Annual health checks save lives.

Make sure your pets have all their jabs and they are checked once a year by a vet.