Is Your Dog A Chewer?

Here are a few helpful hints to help.

  1. Dog Proofing Your Home

It is always a good idea to look at your home and make sure there are no ‘chewable’ items left at puppy height.  Tidy up the room the pup will be in.  Don’t leave shoes and socks on the floor. Remember, pups are inquisitive and will investigate anything that looks fun.  If you have a room that may not be suitable for your pup – lock the door!

  1. Encourage appropriate chewing

Give your dog his own toys.  Make sure they come from a reputable source.  The toy should be a suitable size for your dog so that they can play safely without swallowing them and that your dog can easily carry it around. Dog chews are also a good idea but should be suitable for your size of dog.  Do not give your dog an old slipper or shoe to chew, they will only be confused!

  1. Discourage inappropriate chewing

If your dog chews an object that is not for him, take the object away from him and scold him.  You can then give him his own toy and praise him.  He will soon learn which ‘toy’ is his and which is off limits.

  1. Engage in playtime with your dog

Playing together encourages the bond with your dog. A tired dog is a good dog, a bored dog will just get into mischief!