Dental Hygiene for Dogs

We put a lot of thought into keeping our dogs healthy with good food and exercise but what about their teeth?

Oral hygiene in our dogs is often overlooked but it is an important factor in your dog’s overall health. If they have a toothache or sore gums, they may be dealing with pain and stress that you may not even know about. Left untreated, bacteria can enter the bloodstream.

Like regular grooming or daily walks, dental care should be something your dog comes to expect each day. Most dogs take some time getting used to someone poking around in their mouth. Ideally, introduce dental care when your dog is still a puppy

Most experts agree that daily brushing is ideal, but aim for three to four times per week. If your pup’s patience only lasts for to brush half their teeth today and the other half tomorrow, that’s fine. Just remember which half you did each day!

Chewing is also an important aid to good dental hygiene so make sure you have good quality and pet friendly chews.