A few reasons why you should give an older cat a ‘forever home’

Older cats have developed their own unique personality making it easier to match you with the right cat!

Older Cats are generally less demanding than young cats so if you work all day, an older cat is much better able to be by itself while you are out.

Older cats are seeking little more than a warm lap, regular food and love.

Older cats from a rescue will be neutered, litter trained, and calmer than a young cat

An older cat is less likely to catch birds and mice than a younger cat, or at least much less often.

Cats regularly live into their late teens these days, so most seniors will have many years of life and love to give.

An older cat is unlikely to leap up on your shelves and knock your ornaments off, or to climb up your curtains.

Older cats are so grateful to have found a loving home again – they will repay your love every day in every way.