Keeping your pets safe this Christmas

Christmas is great presents, fantastic food and we get to spend time with family and friends. But Christmas can be hazardous and stressful for your pets so here’s a few things to look out for…

Help your pet cope with the all the different things going on over the festive season by trying to keep to their normal routine. Give them somewhere cosy and quiet where they to retreat to if there’s lots going on.

Festive food is delicious to us but to our pets many of it is highly toxic and dangerous. Chocolate, mince pies, Christmas pudding, onion gravy and alcohol can all be poisonous for pets and the bones from carcasses are a dangerous choking hazard. Keep your pets safe by making sure food is stored out of reach.

It can be tempting to shower our pets with tasty treats. However, extra weight gain can lead to health problems, so try and keep treats to a minimum.

Tinsel and wrapping paper might be tempting for your pet to play with but make sure they don’t eat it!

Most of all enjoy the time off with your pets, after all, they are very much part of the family.