How cold is too cold for your dog?


The answer is a bit complicated but the good folks at Petplan have created a handy chart so you can work out if it’s OK for your particular breed of dog to go outside or if you should keep them in the warm.


Remember: Sometimes it’s just too cold for your dog to be outside, whatever their breed. Prolonged exposure to dangerously cold temperatures can put them in danger of hypothermia, which occurs when the body is no longer able to sustain normal temperature. Symptoms of hypothermia in pets range from weakness and shivering to inaudible heartbeat and trouble breathing, depending on severity.

If you do come across a pet that appears to be suffering from hypothermia, call the vet and move the animal to a warm area, cover them with warm water bottles, blankets or towels. Heating pads can burn your pet, so put several layers between your pet and an electric heat source. Transport the pet to the vets as soon as possible.

As always, use common sense and go with your gut. You know your dog so if you feel like your they will be too cold, keep them in!