Bonfire night tips for you and your pets

worried dogWe may love bonfire night but our pets can find this time of year particularly stressful.  Here are a few handy tips to get you and your pet through the next few days.

  • Make sure your pet is in a secure place and that it can’t escape. We know you will have all your dogs microchipped but you don’t want your pets to be out by themselves on bonfire night.
  • In the days before bonfire night and after, always walk your dog in the daylight. Some people may be having their firework parties on alternative dates.
  • Make sure your dog or cat always has somewhere to hide if they want to and that they can get to their ‘safe place’.

Let them decide where they feel safe.  It may well be under furniture.  If you use a training cage it is a good  idea to cover it with a cloth to make it nice and dark. Give them extra bedding as they may want to try to hide in it!

  • At night make sure all your windows and curtains are closed. This will help lessen the noise and flashes of light.  Try putting on some music to disguise the outside sounds.
  • Always be on hand to reassure your pet, stroking them and talking to them.