Puppy Training – Make training fun for all of you!


Training from the first day is essential but it doesn’t have to be daunting. You will need a dog bed or cage, food and water bowls, puppy food, collar, lead and toys.  As a family you must know the routine, responsibility and rules.

The first few days are extremely important. Everyone wants to feed the puppy, play with the puppy and hold the puppy.  You may have decided that the puppy will sleep in his cage but as soon as he is home, the kids want the puppy in their beds.  If you don’t play by the rules the puppy can’t learn them.

The puppy has just been taken away from his mum so what he needs now is security and routine.

Play with him quietly and gently.  If he looks like he wants to sleep, leave him alone. Puppies need lots of sleep.

Decide who is responsible for feeding him and cleaning up after him and keep to the routine.

Never hit your puppy or give harsh reprimands. They don’t mean to be naughty, they are just being a puppy. Teach him to play with his toys. The whole family with enjoy this activity. Let him know how happy you are and how good he is when he chews them.

If your puppy starts to chew the furniture say ‘Leave’ and then give him a toy to chew. Praise him for chewing his toy and he will soon learn

Make sure you register your puppy at a local vets.  They are your best ally in times of trouble!

Make sure you let your puppy socialise with other dogs.  There are puppy socialisation classes that let your pup learn and play with other pups.

Five Rules for House Training Your Puppy

1) Give your puppy frequent access to his toilet area – preventing messes in the house.
2) Reward your puppy for peeing or pooing in the right place – use a special treat.
3) Never punish your puppy for toilet “mistakes” – It will distress and confuse him.  We all make mistakes!
4) Put your puppy on a regular and timed feeding schedule and try to aim for a regular and timed toilet break.  They will soon learn the routine
5) Know when your puppy last had a poo. This can help eliminate accidents in the house!