Bringing a new cat home.

kittens-555822_640You will need to help them gently settle in to their new home.  Change is always stressful for a cat, so it will quite often take a few weeks for them to feel happy in their new home.


Be patient and never attempt to rush your cat into doing things they may not be ready for.

Provide them with a quiet place with everything they need, so set aside a dedicated, secure room before you collect them.

This room should include:

  • An area for food and a separate area for water
  • A litter tray placed as far away as possible from their food and water and in a private location somewhere to hide
  • Access to a high spot where they can view their surroundings
  • A suitable place to sleep or, ideally, a choice of them
  • A scratching post
  • A few cat toys and space for them to play

Cats rely on their sense of smell and will settle quicker if their new home smells familiar. Before you pick up your cat take an item of clothing with your scent on it and leave it with them for a few days.

When you pick up your cat put the item of clothing in the carrier with the cat.

When at home, leave your cat alone to explore their room for an hour or so. When you go to them, get down to their level, put out your hand and call their name softly – let them come to you.

Give them plenty of time to adjust.

As long as they are eating and using the litter tray, they are fine.

You may want to try offering a small treat or using a toy, such as a fishing rod toy with feathers on the end to tempt your cat to play. Play is a good bonding tool because it is less intimidating than physical contact, relieves stress, and provides mental stimulation.

You may find it is easier to encourage play at dawn and dusk when cats are naturally more active.

Most of all love and enjoy your new friend!