Looking after your dogs teeth

snout-1444697_960_720Dental care is very important in pets, and on a dog’s teeth plaque builds between the gums and teeth, trapping bacteria and food particles, in the same way as it does on humans. Dogs need their teeth regulaly cleaning too.

You can buy pet toothpaste that doesn’t foam and tastes nice, but make sure you press the toothbrush well into it, otherwise it will just get licked off! Don’t use human toothpaste, as this foams too much.

Start with a few teeth, and slowing build up the brushing so that you can do the whole mouth in one go. Do the gums on the outside surface at first, as these are the ones that most need the most care and attention.

If your dog is OK with this, then try and open your pet’s mouth by gently holding the head back as far as possible with one hand, whilst brushing the other surfaces of the teeth.

At the end of this brushing, make sure you give a treat such as a game or a rawhide strip so that your pet feels it’s all been worthwhile.