Tips on Adopting an Adult Dog

dog-582856_1280It is estimated that over 100,000 dogs ended up in shelters in the UK last year. A great reward of adopting an older dog is that you can be sure you are providing a much needed home.

Unfortunately, most dogs have been given up by previous owners because of behaviour problems. Finding out what you will be dealing with will help with potential problems. Be sure to take your prospective new dog for a walk and spend some time with them at the re-homing shelter before you agree to take them on.


  • Many rescue dogs have behaviour problems because they have not been properly socialised or obedience trained.
  • Get a good collar and lead and get them involved with friends’ or neighbors’ dogs, but always be cautious when introducing your new pet to another animal.
  • Socialise your dog with different types of people and most important of all, make sure they are happy being around children. Never leave them alone with children until you are absolutely 100% sure they are safe.
  • Take your dog to a local obedience class where they can learn some socialisation and you can get further advice on suitable training and activities.


With time and commitment this situation could be ideal for you, your family, and a lucky dog.

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