New Loopy Lead!

Let  take the Strain!

Loopy LeadTM is specifically designed to absorb the pulling and jerking effect caused by a dog when walking on the lead.  This ‘Shock Absorption’ takes the stress our of dog walking and promotes a comfortable, enjoyable experience for both owner and dog alike.

Loopy LeadTM has the following benefits:


  • Affordable RRP’s promoting high volume of sales
  • Fantastic margins for the retailer
  • Display stands available


  • Reduces stress and strain on hands, arms, back and joints


  • Available in 6 eye-catching colours: Orange, Blue, Violet, Yellow, Black and Green
  • Designed for individual dog weights


  • Made from natural Latex rubber which is an organic compound of products grown on plants and trees


  • Fitted with an internal safety cord to prevent over extension or snapping
  • Incorporates a secondary safety handle for complete close control